What is a 404 not found error page?

A 404 error page is a default page displayed when you visit a URL (website address) which does not exist on the server. In order words your computer or browser is trying to load a page which does not exist on the server.

You can reach a 404 page by attempting to view an image, download file or view webpage which does not exist on the server.

404 simply means 'Does Not Exist'.

How can you fix a 404 error

The most common cause of a 404 error is a spelling mistake. Check the URL in your browser and make sure there is no obvious spelling mistakes. Carefully compare the file names you have uploaded to the server with what your typing in the browser.

Your hosting server is CaSe SenSitIVe, this means if you view a URL in capital letters and the files on the server are in lower case letters, the server will not find it and show a 404, for example:

If you uploaded a file called WebSite.html and tried to browse to it at a URL like this:


You will be shown a 404 error because you have not used capital letters in the file, the following would work:


How can I scan my entire site for 404 URL's?

There are online services you can use to scan your entire website for 404 bad links, below is one we recommend
w3.org 404 Checker

How can I customize a 404 page so that I show my own error page?

Using your free hosting cPanel, click Error Pages, Select the domain you wish to customize 404's on, in the 404 (Not Found) box enter the URL of the page you would like to display in place of the standard 404 page. for example enter:


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